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No shame, guilt, or sadness is necessary while living with a hoarding disorder. Research has shown that hoarding disorder affects between 6 and 11 percent of the US population. Before the topic of hoarding help comes up, the individual must understand that there is no judgment or criticism involved in the matter. Helpers understand and accept that the person dealing with this issue may already be embarrassed, and that addressing the situation is painful for those with the disorder.


According to the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD), there are five levels of hoarding that are outlined by the NSGCD Clutter-Hoarding Scale. Before getting help, whether it be clearing the clutter or psychological help, it is best to understand the levels of hoarding


Level I- A normal or standard house with accessible doors and stairways, minor evidence of pet accidents, a slight presence of insects or rodents, some clutter but not excessive, and normal safe sanitation with no odors.


Level II- One of the exits is blocked, and one major appliance, heater or air conditioner has not worked for more than six months; there is pet odor and pet waste, moderate evidence of insects and rodents. The use of more than 2 of the rooms is prevented by clutter. There are moderate amounts of mildew in kitchens and bathrooms and food preparation surfaces are soiled, garbage cans overflowing, and there are noticeable odors.


Level III- Only one bedroom or bathroom is usable. Dust, spoiled food, and strong odors exist in the home. There may be an excessive amount of pets and visible clutter visible from outside of the home


Level IV- The house has structural damage, mold and mildew, damaged walls, electrical hazards and a backed-up sewer system. The occupants are unable to use the bedrooms, and are sleeping on the couch or floor. There is evidence of flea infestation, rotting food, lice, and pet damage to the house.


Level V-  At this level, the house is basically unlivable. Obvious rodent and insect infestations are present, the bathroom and kitchen are unusable.The electrical and water services may not be functional. Many areas of the house are non-accessible due to clutter.

Clutter vs Hoarding

Helping a person who has a cluttered house is a matter of assisting in organizing and sorting into keep, donate and throwaway. Often times, a cleaning company or professional organizer assist in these situations. On the other hand, hoarders have a disorder that causes them to create an environment which negatively impacts their quality of life, as well as their health. 

Bio-One of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Hoarding can help

Once you reach out to Bio-One of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Hoarding, our team will work closely with the homeowner and family to determine what gets thrown away, and what gets kept and organized. The belongings will be sorted through and either kept by the owner, shared with family, given to charity or thrown away. This is a very inclusive process and nothing happens until the client agrees.

Please call Bio-One of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Hoarding today. We will schedule a walk-through of the property and provide a free, written, no obligation estimate. Let us work with you and your family members to reclaim your home. And we can point you in the right direction for help making sure it doesn't happen again. We partner with NAMI locations to get people the mental health help they need.

Bio-One of Santa Clarita  and Santa Clarita Hoarding is owned by Jamil Bazzy. We offer trauma, mold, and hoarding cleanup services including biohazard, blood cleanup, suicide/homicide, feces & bodily fluid, animal waste, undiscovered death, and mold testing & remediation.

We proudly serve Los Angeles county and the surrounding counties. 


Bio-One Inc. is the world's first crime scene cleaning franchise. Nationally respected and locally owned, Bio-One has earned its reputation through being trusted to handle the Mandalay Bay mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017, the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida in 2016, and consulted on the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012. In 2021, Bio-One was once again included in the best and most comprehensive franchise ranking list – Entrepreneur Magazine.

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